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Life Sciences / Healthcare

Inasmuch as health-related issues remain a key subject for public concern at large, leadership stakes and requirements rank top on the business priority charts in the wake of ever growing market trend and regulation complexity. We offer therefore tailored advisory services catered to pharmaceutical industries, medical equipment, biotechnologies, diagnostics, dermo-cosmetics, hospitals as well as state healthcare facilities, and animal healthcare practices.

Pharmaceutical Industry


Jobs in the EU –
3 to 4-fold employment increase downstream
€ Billion
R & Investments (2012)
€ Billion –
new drug R & D Investment

Estimated cost of bringing a new chemical or biological entity to market (USD million)



Pharmaceutical Industry

The sector is currently experiencing unprecedented deep-wrought changes, namely: increasing regulation, fewer contenders, R&D framework reshuffling. Major corporations have resolved to tackle such drastic shifts. Prominent stakeholders are under growing pressure therefore to excel while facing up to substantial human as well as economic challenges.

Medical Equipment

A highly innovative area, the sector has undergone major changes over the last few years. Prime focus has shifted towards emerging markets, underscoring thereby the need for high-level executive leadership to demonstrate strategic acumen and potent responsiveness.


Organizations have been facing rampant changes lately in the light of exponential demand for prevention as well as personalized healthcare services. Latest state-of-the-art technology exerts a major impact over current medical practice. New breakthrough contributions are to be expected in the near future, thus underscoring a need for high-level, value-added leadership competencies.


Companies exhibit distinctive features on account of their proper structural, financial as well as specific research framework. To ensure enduring pro-activity, they require step-by-step tailored management practices combined with effective responsiveness, i.e. a need to remain securely connected and to persevere through periods of crisis and disruption.


A thriving business area, this industry addresses all at once consumers’ demands as well as health issues at large. Since innovation stands as its backbone, global development stakes remain a critical feature to bolster unequalled business opportunities as are notably encountered in Asia.


Management requirements involve distinctive, outstanding comprehensive leadership competencies, namely: a readiness to prove responsive and to adjust appropriately to the complexities of economic as well as human stakes.

Animal Health Industry

The pioneering industry owes its exponential growth worldwide to incremental innovation, expanding demand from emerging markets while strengthening its lead over product sales in mature markets.


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